The work is about fractions, small parts of a whole.And about light shining through an object, or reflecting on it.It refers to jewellery, quartz and minerals, chain links, and in a more abstract way to connected and linked forms.Beauty inspires me. It can be anything: forms, details, light, colours that catch my eye. It can be found in my direct environment and I find it in nature, but also in the use and combination of colours in magazines, in photographs or graphics; even in manuals.Alongside perceiving I feel an urge of creating: of turning it into paint .I always try different techniques to express the theme of my work. Technique is interesting to me in order to reach certain effects in a result I pursue. It plays an important role in the image as it determines a quality of the image.In big drawings I am often experimenting, searching for new forms and possibilities.Murals are mostly made for specific spaces/locations. This one was made for an exhibition, for a wall of 4,5m x 20 m. It had to be done in one week, so I had to plan it beforehand and then paint it on location. It needed a good preparation and still was very exciting to do.I painted it with acrylicpaint. Parts may look like they were sprayed but they’re not. The image is an abstraction of a chain link, as I actually painted the counterform of it. It was part of this exhibition, and it was my third mural in a Linkchain series.The painted object 42 x 30x 2,2cm is a serial product that is at the same time a unique work of art. Every single object in this series is painted on an MDF form with rounded 2 cm edges, each different from the other.Initially based on minerals, the layers of paint are abstract. The painting is about light, depth, and colour and its gradients.


-Groupsexhibition Tropicana Rotterdam
- Ever_Emerging _Mag. The Dutch edition
- Thisartfair Kromhouthallen Amsterdam
- Mural Hilton-Art-Lab ( Herman Lamers)
-Dresden - Residence GrafischAtelier 
-Murals.Inc Gallery R'dam
-GalleryPhoebus R'dam
- "Übergangsweise #10 "Goethe Institut Rdam
Group exhibition "Maand v.d Grafiek" Appendix
- Art on Paper
Amsterdam Gallery Phoebus 

-Galerie Phoebus Rotterdam
 group exhibition: Daniel Dutrieux, Esther Bruggink, Regula Maria Müller
 Eva-Maria Schön, Bernard Villers
- Het Kunstgemaal, Bronkhorst group exhibition "5 Jaar"
-Tekenkabinet#7 Amstelpark, Amsterdam

-B.a.d Lab Test Results #4  Rotterdam
 + Laurien Dumbar , Romee van Oers 
-Gallery Phoebus Rotterdam
-Tekenkabinet No.6 Amsterdam
 -Het Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst "Twilight F urniture"
  Group exhibition 
  Anya Janssen,  Riette Wanders, Robbert Pauwels
curator: Anya Janssen
-OPEN STUDIOS Borgerstraat Rdam
  parellel to Art Rotterdam
 Guest artist show+ open studios

 Arte Concordia: "kunstenaarsvlag "voor in Avenue Concordia en vlaggen parade Boompjes.
 currator: Karin Arink
 Tekenkabinet(Manja v.d. Storm)
 Museum Purmerend, Amstelpark
 Hoge School Rotterdam
  presentatie Serie Zeefdrukken
 bij lancering nieuwe website Hoge School
 assignment ESL Erasmus School of Law
 Permanent Kunstobject (schilderwerk op glas)
 WTC Contemporary Art fair : Gallerie Hommes
 Groepstentoonstelling (Astrid de Pauw , Ralf Kokke, Ingrid Hoekstra)
 Depot Rotterdam
 assignment: Multiple Hoge School Rdam
 Serie silkscreen
 De Aanschouw Rotterdam
 Galerie E.M./Emmy Miltenburg Schiedam
 Pictura Dordrecht
 Eightfold, internet galerie
 Tekenkabinet Kunsthuis Amsterdam, Museum Waterland Purmerend