The works are about fractions, small parts of a whole.
And about light: shining through or reflecting on an object.



Barbara Helmer

Wall drawing, 2020

3m x 3.5m

“Which landscape does a painter see?” I challenge painter Barbara Helmer.

“The viewer, for the sake of convenience, assumes they see the world but translated through paint.” She smiles, “The world is the canvas. The paint, shapes and colour are the landscape… Of course, I’ll apply elements from reality. On my terms, if they fit.”

She doesn’t depict. Occasionally, impressions from the outside world resonate with her painterly reality. The painter records them; gratefully absorbs them. Dissects, analyses and abstracts until they are only contour or colour.

This wall drawing’s graphic structure started as a thick gold chain. In this composition of segments, the painter conveys what she sees. How a prism emanates from grey. That stripes can be rays of light. That an eclipse of a colour field exists. She takes us through aesthetic collisions, close calls, and successful encounters. She shows how from form a counter-form emerges.

This wall drawing is a landscape that fits its location. Other places could have different outcomes. Perhaps in grey. Or striped. Whatever the painter envisions.

Klaar van der Lippe

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